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Philip Jose Farmer
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Philip Jose Farmer
Ancient Opar
1Hadon of Ancient Opar (5 votes)
2Flight to Opar (4 votes)
1Dayworld (4 votes)
2Dayworld Rebel (4 votes)
3Dayworld Breakup (3 votes)
Exorcism trilogy
1The Image of the Beast (3 votes)
2Blown (4 votes)
3Traitor to the Living (1 votes)
The Unreasoning Mask (4 votes)
Inside Outside (1 votes)
Nothing Burns in Hell (4 votes)
A Feast Unknown (11 votes)
The Green Odyssey (2 votes)
Greatheart Silver (3 votes)
Jesus on Mars (1 votes)
The Caterpillar's Question (3 votes)
Strange Relations (1 votes)
The Lovers (3 votes)
Venus on the Half-Shell (2 votes)
Flesh. (7 votes)
Dark Is the Sun (3 votes)
Two Hawks from Earth (2 votes)
The Stone God Awakens (2 votes)
Lord Tyger (4 votes)
Night of Light (2 votes)
1To Your Scattered Bodies Go (22 votes)
2The Fabulous Riverboat (5 votes)
3The Dark Design (5 votes)
4The Magic Labyrinth (8 votes)
5Gods of Riverworld (6 votes)
Riverworld and Other Stories (4 votes)
Wold Newton Family Mythos
Time's Last Gift (4 votes)
The Other Log of Phileas Fogg (4 votes)
The Adventure of the Peerless Peer (6 votes)
Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life (5 votes)
Escape from Loki (4 votes)
Tarzan Alive (5 votes)
World of Tiers
1The Maker of Universes (10 votes)
2The Gates of Creation (6 votes)
3A Private Cosmos (6 votes)
4Behind the Walls of Terra (6 votes)
5The Lavalite World (5 votes)
6More Than Fire (3 votes)
Red Orc's Rage (3 votes)
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