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The Hedge Night miniseries
         (1. Aug 2003)

Image Comics announced today that the upcoming miniseries, George R.R. Martin's THE HEDGE KNIGHT, will feature covers by fan-favorite fantasy artists Michael Kaluta, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, the Hildebrandt Brothers, Tom Mandrake, Ted Nasmith and Tom Yeates.

"THE HEDGE KNIGHT is a beautiful, epic story," said Les Dabel. "We felt that it deserved the best possible covers from the top names in fantasy art."

The first issue of THE HEDGE KNIGHT, which will hit comic book stores during the first week of August, features an incredible variant cover by Michael Kaluta that showcases the legendary artist's incredible ability as he portrays the main character, Ser Duncan the Tall, watching an amazing puppet show. A second variant cover featuring a painting by the equally renowned Hildrebrant Brothers will also be available through Image's retailer incentive program and will be printed on a higher quality cover stock (and will retail for a slightly higher price).

"Every one of these covers is incredible," Dabel smiled as he pointed out an upcoming cover by the popular painting team of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. "But the best part is that THE HEDGE KNIGHT is one of those books that looks as great on the inside as it does on the outside."

And well it should, since the book's pencils and art direction have been under the care of artist Mike S. Miller (G.I. Joe vs. Transformers, JLA, Adventures of Superman, Wolverine) as the book has been in development over the last year.

"When you're dealing with an adaptation of a writer the caliber of George R. R. Martin, you've really got to put the best possible effort into it or you're going to let the fans down," said Miller. "And that's the problem with a lot of adaptations out there and the reason that they don't do as well as they should. It's the fans who are going to make or break this book, though, and we've worked hard to produce a series that's going to be a fantasy reader's dream come true."

George R.R. Martin's THE HEDGE KNIGHT is available for order now in the June issue of Previews and will arrive in stores in August  2003.

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