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He's still working on it. Who? George R. R. Martin.
         (26. Oct 2003)


I used to get a lot of email asking me when A FEAST FOR CROWS would be published, so I put a message up here. "SORRY, STILL NOT DONE YET." That one. So now I get a lot of emails asking me when I am going to update the message on my website, since it's been unchanged for months.

It's been unchanged because... well, nothing's changed.

A FEAST FOR CROWS is still not done. I continue to work on it, and I'm making steady progress, but more slowly than anyone would like. Various websites and bookshops have announced various publication dates, but until the book is actually finished and delivered, they are all pure guesswork.

As I have said here before, I am writing as fast as I can, but my first priority is still to make the novel as good as it can possibly be. The moment the book is done I will announce it here. The instant. The second. So if you visit this website, and this notice is still in place, it means I'm still writing.

A number of my readers have suggested that I update this page more often, and include reports on my progress. Not an unreasonable request, but of course the more time I spend writing progress reports, the less time I have to actually work on the book. So I won't make any promises in that regard.

Yesterday I finished another chapter, the thirty-second (though I do move these chapters around from time to time, so it probably won't be the thirty-second when FEAST is finally published). It's an Alayne chapter, and with it in place, I now have 738 manuscript pages in something very close to final draft form. I also have four or five additional chapters, roughly another 100 pages, that are close to completion, and then maybe another 100 to 200 pages of fragmentary chapters, scenes, lines, and notes, some of which will wind up in FEAST, some of which may be pushed into the next volume, of some of which will likely be scrapped. So that's where I am right now.

No, I can't tell you when A FEAST FOR CROWS will be finished, or when it will be published. Not yet. When I know, I'll tell you.

I thank you once again for your patience.


A sample Chapter is available now on his website.

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