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Battestar Latest News!
         (20. Dec 2002)


Amongst the high points of the Revival was Battlestar Galactica series
star Richard (Apollo) Hatch listening to the fans by writing four books
to continue the story (with the fifth due in 2003) and even mortgaging
his own home to produce a 4 minute trailer for both the fans and
showing The Powers That Be what the fans wanted. (And fans applauded
the efforts!) He even secured a large backing of funds for a movie or
series...ALL of this because he believes in the show, just as the fans do.

When Bryan Singer and Tom Desanto (of the X-MEN and X2 movie fame)
jumped into the game with their own production, the fans were a little
reluctant. We weren't sure of their intentions. Up to that point, fans
were hoping for Richard's efforts to evolve into a movie or series. But
as their plans emerged, even Richard himself got behind their efforts,
as did many fans.

Unfortunately, Bryan Singer focused 100% on X2 and Tom DeSanto had the
rug pulled from beneath him in April 2002 when the SCI-FI
Channel seized the project. (DeSanto was said to be three weeks from
production!) Star Trek/Roswell's Ronald D. Moore was brought aboard to
"remake/reimagine" the original series. While the man is a talented
writer/producer, fans were slapped in their collective faces by this.

Since the announcement, Moore has found little Internet support for his
planned Battlestar Galactica mini-series... and most fans have been
outright rejecting his plans. Yes, he has spoken to fans first-hand,
answering a Q&A session on BattlestarGalactica.com. We appreciate and
respect that, but the bottom line is: Fans keep speaking up for what
they want... and it isn't Moore's remake concept. Just look around the
Internet, or ask Battlestar Galactica fandom. People want a
continuation with members of the original cast (characters), themes,
ships and concepts, plus the addition of new actors/characters,
technologies and story elements.

(Again: Richard Hatch's "The Second Coming" trailer demonstrated the
potential, as does his book series. And Internet web sites worldwide
are supportive of a continuation, not a remake. That includes a
petition supporting Tom DeSanto which has OVER 16,000 signatures!)

Ronald D. Moore has said many times that he has to follow what he
believes to be right... and that is why he is doing a remake. This has
left a very bitter taste in the mouths of us fans. Business-wise, he is
ignoring what the fanbase (and potential viewers) want... and have
clamored for in recent years. This is disappointing, given license
holder Vivendi Universal's financial situation... and need for a strong
franchise opportunity, ie. Battlestar Galactica.

It has been many months now since we have heard from Ronald D. Moore.
Many of us pray the entire re-imagining/remake idea is gone.

We are announcing our writing campaign to Mr. Barry Diller, head of
Vivendi Universal/Universal Television. This letter writing campaign
will take place on November 22, 2002. It will reconfirm that we fans are
still here, still upset about a "remake" idea, and still wanting a
continuation of the ORIGINAL Battlestar Galactica series.

-T. Shawn Hardy.

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