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         Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
.: Gaiman and McKean together again! (7. Apr 2003)

Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean are once again working together. With a tentative release date of Sept, 2003, Gaiman and McKean plan to release a children/adult novel called "Wolves in the Wall."

According to the Bloomsbury catalogue the tale concerns a young girl, Lucy, who tries to convince her family that there are wolves living inside their walls at home. Soon the wolves emerge and the family is left homeless. Lucy is determined to sort out the wolves and reclaim the family home.

.: Dark Tower soon to be finished. (28. Feb 2003)

Stephen King has finally annouced that he will finish the Dark Tower series. Fans have been waiting years for this announcement. The series will reach completion with three novels, Wolves of the Calla, which will be published in November of 2003, and the final two novels, Song of Susannah and The Dark Tower, in 2004.

.: Comic Book Movie News (20. Feb 2003)

With the recent success of Spider-Man, and the rise of Daredevil in the box office, their has been much talk of comics moving into the main stream of Hollywood. So, hear we go with a quick info on some comic/movie news.

.: New Millennium Forum arises (20. Feb 2003)

On December 1, 2002, work was completed on the new Millennium Message Board named "This Is Who We Are..." (TIWWA), and the board was open and accepting prospective Millennium Group Candidates...


.: Battestar Latest News! (20. Dec 2002)

To say that the road to a Battlestar Galactica revival has been very
rocky, is underestimating it, to say the least. It has been full of so
many ups and downs, twists and turns, that the frustration is now at an
all-time high. Especialy for a fan base that are still so unbelievably
vocal for a 24 year old show that only lasted one season! (Not counting
the cheap, six episode imitation, Galactica: 1980.)


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