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Margaret Weis News
         Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
.: Dragons of a Vanished Moon Preview Chapter (18. May 2002)

If you are like every other Dragonlance fan, you have been waiting anxiously for the final installment of the 'War of Souls' trilogy to come out. Well, whilst you still do have to wait until 18 June 2002 to get your hands on the actual book 'Dragons of a Vanished Moon,' Wizards of the Coast have put up a preview chapter for the forthcoming novel. Just follow the link the and enjoy.

If you are interested in other new releases in the Dragonlance saga, be sure to check out this link, which is a preview chapter for Paul B. Thompson and Tanya C. Cook's final work in their 'The Barbarians' Trilogy 'Sister of the Sword.'

.: New Dragonlance novel by Weis and Hickman (3. May 2001)

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman has just released a new Dragonlance. It's called "Dragons of a Lost Star" and is the sequel to the New York Times bestselling "Dragons of a Fallen Sun".

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