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RA Salvatore News
         Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
.: Salvatore's Interview, Discusses Star Wars and Dark Elf (19. May 2002)

On 18 May 2002 R.A.Salvatore, author of numerous Forgotten Realms books including the 'Dark Elf' trilogy and the new book based on the Star Wars movie 'Attack of the Clones,' has given a web based interview. In the interview with RadioSci-Fi.net Salvatore discusses his adaption of George Lucas's screenplay for 'Attack of the Clones,' his own 'Dark Elf' books, and his newest projects. Interested? Head over here to give it a listen.

.: Servant of the Shard by R.A. Salvatore (10. Nov 2000)

Servant of the Shard, a new Forgotten Realms novel by R. A. Salvatore was released October 31, 2000. Sample chapters are avaliable at Wizards.Com.

.: R.A. Salvatore to write the Episode II Star Wars novel (6. Jul 2000)

This might be old news for some of you, but for those that don't already know, R.A. Salvatore will write the novel based on the upcoming new Star Wars movie, Episode II. In the US the novel will be published by Ballantine's Del Rey while in other English speaking countries various divisions of Random House will be publishing the novel at the same time.

.: R.A. Salvatore keeps busy (4. Mar 1999)

The third book of the Demon Wars trilogy called "The Demon Apostle" is released this month, a sample chapter is available at DelRey. He has also started the work on a follow up to this trilogy, and if that wasn't enough Mr. Salvatore has also completed a draft of a new Star Wars novel.

.: "The Demon Spirit" by R. A. Salvatore (8. Feb 1999)

The sequel to R.A. Salvatores action filled fantasy novel "The Demon Awakens" is out in the stores this month. A sample chapter is available at DelRey.

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