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JV Jones News
         Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
.: Fortress of Grey Ice by J.V. Jones (13. Jan 2002)

J.V. Jones is finally back after a bit of absence. The UK edition of Fortress of Grey Ice will be published in April, along with a new printing of Cavern of Black Ice.

The US publication date hasn't been set yet, but the book will be published by Tor that will also be publishing Cavern of Black Ice.

.: J.V. Jones delayed (6. Oct 2000)

Orbit reports that the publication of J.V. Jones second novel in the Sword of Shadows series has been delayed until early next year.

.: J.V. Jones next book (15. Feb 2000)

The hardback edition of Fortress of Grey Ice is to be published March 2001. You can have a look at the cover of the book at J.V. Jones official website.

.: J.V. Jones named best (6. Mar 1999)

In England the _SFX_ Magazine has named "The Barbed Coil " by J.V. Jones the best fantasy novel of 1998.

.: J.V. Jones next book, Cavern of Black Ice (13. Jan 1999)

Three excerpts from her next book Cavern of Black Ice is available at J.V. Jones website.

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