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David Eddings News
         Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
.: The Redemption of Althalus by David and Leigh Eddings (5. Jul 2000)

Voyager is releasing a completely new and self-contained epic from David and Leigh Eddings available from 3rd July 2000. The Redemption of Althalus is set on the grandest scale in an entirely new, magical world.

To celebrate this, Voyager are running an on-line competition via their brand new Eddings microsite. The competition should be up by the end of the week, and one lucky person will be the winner of a special limited edition deluxe version of The Redemption of Althalus worth 100. The new microsite can be found at the following URL http://www.fireandwater.com/eddings/.

.: The Redemption of Althalus by David Eddings (25. Apr 2000)

David Eddings new book, The Redemption of Althalus will be released in the UK, 3 July, 2000 by Harper Collins.

.: Sample chapter of "Polgara the Sorceress (7. Jan 1999)

Del Rey is releasing the paperback edition of "Polgara the Sorceress" by David and Leigh Eddings this month, and a sample chapter has been made available at Delrey.

.: The Rivian Codex released (12. Oct 1998)

The Rivian Codex is out now. Rumors say that David and Leigh are up to something completely new. Details wont be revealed before they know if their new scheme could actually work.

.: The Rivian Codex sample chapter (8. Sep 1998)

A sample chapter of David Eddings, The Rivian Codex is available at Delrey. According to Del Rey it should be available mid-month.

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