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CJ Cherryh News
         Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
.: CJ Cherryh Interview (1. Jan 2000)

Read our new interview with CJ Cherryh. Click here to read the Interview

.: DAW announces Cherryh re-issues in single volumes (3. Dec 1999)

C.J. Cherryh has finally gotten a long-held wish: to see two of her earlier trilogies reissued as single volumes.
The first unified book will contain the Faded Sun novels (Kesrith, Shon'jir, Kutath). "There was no immediate interest" in this project three years ago, but "after the success of The Dreaming Tree as a single volume..." DAW decided to bring out the Faded Sun books in the single-book format, according to Cherryh, making it possible for a store to stock the entire work at once. "I hope this becomes a trend, and I'm very grateful to DAW for making this effort," Cherryh said. SF has suffered from a critical unavailability of backlist just as a massive influx of new entry-level readers is desperately looking for good books." The unified volume is scheduled for a Jan. 10, 2000 release.
Following in March 2000 will be the Morgaine Saga (Gate of Ivrel, Well of Shiuan, Fires of Azeroth), also from DAW.

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