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Katharine Kerr News
         Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
.: Katharine Kerr hooks up with DAW books. (14. Jun 2002)

Katharine Kerr's Deverry series was in jeopardy of not being published in North America after Bantam Publishing and Kerr went their seperate ways. Though, fear not fans of the Celtic Fantasy series. It was announced on the Katharine Kerr website (www.deverry.com) that DAW books will published the Deverry novels, with the two newest novels being called The Golden Falcon, and The Black Stone. No publication dates have been set yet for these books.

.: Katharine Kerr's Deverry series (20. Mar 2001)

Katharine Kerr's official website reports that Bantam has declined to publish her last books in the Deverry series. They will be published by HarperCollins UK though...

Another Katharine Kerr update is that there will be no trade paperback edition of The Fire Dragon, Bantam has published a mass market edition only.

.: The Black Raven by Katharine Kerr (2. Jul 1999)

The Black Raven, the 10th book in the Deverry Chronicles will be published in Australia and the UK on July 19. You will have to wait until November for the American edition though.
When working on The Black Raven, Katharine Kerr realized that it was becoming much to long, and therefore decided to divide it into two books, where the first would be The Black Raven. The second book will be called The Fire Dragon and will be published in 2000.

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